Why Attend

Why Attend

The INS 15th World Congress, themed “Neuromodulation: From Scientific Theory to Revolutionary Therapy” is the industry’s most anticipated global neuromodulation event of 2022!

With plenary sessions and panel discussionsfrom world experts, panel discussions, oral abstract presentations, poster sessions, and valuable networking opportunities, this congress provides a range of critical intelligence and connections that will transform not only your career but the field globally. Meet an unprecedented line-up of speakers and hear their stories of defying the odds within neuromodulation, and how they have addressed the challenges the field faces.

The congress will bring together over 1,500 healthcare providers, scientists, researchers, engineers, device developers, and industry members from around the globe to share knowledge from multiple disciplines about current practice, future developments, and solutions for neuromodulation therapy of the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems.

We invite you to join us!

Gain Knowledge

Get informed about the latest developments in the field of neuromodulation. Be а part of a strong theoretical framework offering an insight into mechanisms of action, proven therapies delivered with refined personalized techniques, and gain knowledge from multiple disciplines about current practice, and future developments in neuromodulation.

Present Your Work

Being part of the scientific program of INS 2022 can be a big step up in your career. Showcase your latest research through abstracts and posters in person to an international audience. Gain unique exposure, discuss your findings with your colleagues, get feedback, broaden your horizons, and work together to improve patient care and build up knowledge in the field of neuromodulation.

Advance Science

INS22 will bring together hundreds of established professionals to join efforts and give their input into shaping the future of the field. Take part in plenary sessions, oral communications, panel discussions, and poster sessions covering basic science, mechanisms of action, and clinical effectiveness of neuromodulation therapies. Learn what the future of neuromodulation holds.

Network with Experts

In a digital era, real interactions with like-minded colleagues and peers are so valuable. New opportunities to connect with potential collaborators, and develop professional partnerships are some of the most treasured benefits of the congress. Engaging, supporting, and learning from each other is crucial to improving your work, and the whole field.

Get Inspired

Attending conferences can bring you new ideas, that you can implement into your work - from new tools to use, to new digital software or new approaches you can adopt. Exposure to this type of event sparks creativity and innovation. Getting out of your daily work, can make you see the big picture better, and see the flaws in your workflow, to improve them.

Discover in Person

The congress will bring together over 1500 scientists, researchers, engineers, device developers, and healthcare providers from around the globe to share an unforgettable in-person experience in Barcelona, Spain. Take part in this ‘first in a while’ INS live meeting for 2022 and explore Barcelona's fascinating history and unique culture. Fantastic science in a top location is a must-attend.