Innovations in Neuromodulation, 22 May

Innovations in Neuromodulation, 22 May

Date: Sunday, 22 May 2022

Location: CCIB, Barcelona

Neuromodulation without Borders, our sixth educational event for the neuromodulation innovation and investment community, will take place on Sunday, 22 May 2022in Barcelona, Spain, as part of the official pre-conference of the INS 15the World Congress. This unique event will bring together over 200 leaders in the global neuromodulation and investment communities to share the wealth of their experiences, and their visions for the future of this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

In this Innovations Day, INS is presenting an opportunity for innovators to share their company stories with venture capitalists, clinicians, engineers and other Industry members. To fit in with the day’s theme, we are asking participating companies to highlight some of the challenges and advantages of innovation in their respective locales.  For example, the unique way that a therapy is developed and delivered in a region, or a medical condition viewed and treated. The day will include multiple panels and talks, with the promise to all willing participants to get platform time either individually or as a part of panel discussion.

In addition to the presenters, we will have senior Venture Capital investors from a number of major companies in attendance.  This will be an excellent opportunity for you and your company to showcase your achievements, create new contacts, learn from your peers, gauge your progress and, as a result, become more competitive and successful!

We have developed the 2022 program with an aim of achieving several objectives:

Identify and discuss the data that needs to be collected by commercializing companies to ensure it has utility for future approval and reimbursement applications.

  • Learn about the process by which innovations occur, become funded, are approved, receive reimbursement and reach the marketplace.
  • Describe the process of establishing and protecting intellectual property.
  • Define the regulatory process by which approvals are obtained in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and in the U.S., respectively, and ultimately earn full reimbursement.
  • Learn about what public scientific initiatives are available with which to partner.
  • Find out about current and future investment strategies and challenges in the device market – in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the US.
  • Discover emerging companies and the science behind their innovative therapies.
  • Network with the leaders in innovation, investment, basic science and clinical practice in the neuromodulation space.

Please feel free to contact the INS with any questions about participating in the pre-conference or exhibiting in the main congress.

   We hope to see you in Barcelona!

Dr. Marc Russo
Co-Chair, Innovations in Neuromodulation

Dr. Konstantin Slavin
Co-Chair, Innovations in Neuromodulation

Prof. Carlos Tornero
Co-Chair, Innovations in Neuromodulation

Dr. Elliot Krames
Co-Chair, Innovations in Neuromodulation

* Each company selected to participate in the emerging company panels will be kindly requested to provide a $2,500 US unrestricted grant to the International Neuromodulation Society, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Previous Participating Companies

Sydney – 2019

Beijing Aldans Biotech Co., Ltd.
Boston Scientific
Cala Health
GTX Medical
Mainstay Medical
Nalu Medical
Saluda Medical
Synergia Medical

Edinburgh – 2017

Bioinduction Ltd
BlueWind Medical
Clearly Present Foundation
GiMer Medical
Helius Medical Technologies
Mainstay Medical
Theranica Bio-Electronics Ltd.
Wyss Center for Bio & Neuroengineering

Montreal – 2015

Axonics Modulation Technologies
BlueWind Medical
FemPulse LLC
Lungpacer Medical Inc.
Medtronic Eindhoven Design Center, formerly Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation
Neuronano AB
Neuros Medical
SPR Therapeutics

Berlin – 2013

Aleva Neurotherapeutics
Functional Neuromodulation
Mainstay Medical
Neuros Medical
Nexstim Oy
Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation
Stimwave Technologies

London – 2011

Autonomic Technologies
Cerebral Rx
Functional Neuromodulation
ImThera Medical
NDI Medical
Neuros Medical
Nevro Corp.
QiG Group / Algostim
Spinal Modulation

Previous Participating Investors

Sydney – 2019

Josh Makower, MD, Special Partner, NEA,and Director and Co-Founder of The Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign

Edinburgh – 2017

Juan Pablo Mas, Partner, Action Potential Venture Capital
Imran Eba, Partner, Action Potential Venture Capital

Montreal – 2015

Dr. Manus Rogan, Co‐Founder and Managing Partner, Fountain Healthcare Partners

Kadir Kadhiresan, VP Venture Investments MD & D, JJDC Investors; J&J Innovation

Tony Borowicz, Vice President of Business Development, Greatbatch

London – 2011

John A. Deedrick, Managing Director, Accuitive Medical Ventures, United States

Geoffroy de Ribains, Investment Director, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, France

Brian B. Hashemi, Partner, IJ Partners SA, Switzerland

William T. Harrington, Partner, Three Arch Partners, United States

Jonas Hansson, Investment Associate, HealthCap, Sweden

Antoine Papiernik, Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners, France

Mikhail Shapiro, Venture Principal, Third Rock Ventures, United States